Raise Your Voice- Cancer

I have known quite a few people with cancer. Cancer is never a good thing, and cancer always seems to effect some of the best people. Alexis Burris and Alli Huss are two people that I was close with who have lost their lives while battling cancer.

Alexis was nine years old when she passed away. She had leukemia. She was my mom’s best friend’s daughter. She lived in Des Moines but we visited them a lot and they came here when possible. Alexis was a happy little girl. I was very young when she passed away, but I still remember her through pictures and our stories.

Alli was eighteen years old when she passed away. She had lymphoma. She was in my aunt, Jessica, and brother, Kaden’s, grade. Jessica and Alli were close and let me hang out with them, even though I am younger than them. Kaden and Alli also were close. They went to homecoming together their senior year.¬†Alli and I would work together sometimes at Nettie’s. Alli always made work ten times more fun. She could make anyone laugh or smile when she walked into the room. She always had a positive attitude and never put herself down for having cancer. She loved: her family, friends, basketball, and God.

People with cancer have a hard time speaking up. They have a hard time speaking up because it is hard for them to get the right medicines and treatment from doctors. Some patients have a hard time finding the right hospital because of money reasons. They also can not speak up because some of them may be in unstable conditions and cannot process their thinking. People with cancer always try to keep a positive attitude to keep them going.  This is how people with cancer cannot speak up. Thanks for reading!