Genius Hour 4

I have learned that calendula grow better in darker places. I checked my plants on Sunday, and the calendula that were in the dark had little sprouts. I am surprised that these would grow first, since the package said they need sunlight. I have also learned that plants need less water as they develop more.

I have learned that I am consistent in my school work. I make sure I do everything that I say I am going to do, and I try to put out the best quality that I can. learned that my school work and time always comes first, no matter what.

I have succeeded in getting one plant to grow. I am happy that I got one plant to grow and I can’t wait to see what my other types of plants will grow and how healthy they are in the time coming. I have had some trouble getting the right amount of water to my outdoor plants, because it has been rainy these past few days. I want to get a rain gauge, so I can try to get an exact amount for how much water each plant is receiving on those days.

From here I want to keep watering and measuring my plants. I plan to do this by getting a rain gauge to check the amount of water my outdoor plants are getting. I am going to start measuring the height of my plants this week. I want to be able to tell how much they are growing to the nearest inch, so that is why I need to start to measure them soon.

Here is a website that talks about calendula can be used for many things.

This is what a rain gauge looks like. Via KaCey97078

This is what a rain gauge looks like. Via KaCey97078

Genius Hour 3

I have learned that plants need many things to grow. Nikki Phipps from this website says that plants need air, soil, water, nutrients, light, a temperature fitted to their needs, space, and time. I want to see if what she said is true when I test and start to see my plants grow. Plants need these things to grow healthy. If they have too much of these things, they might not grow at their best. Nikki also said that plants need nitrogen to have green leaves, phosphorus is needed to make plants healthy and have strong roots, and potassium to fight off disease in the plants.

I have learned that I like to have the best quality in my learning and activities that I do. I planted my two plants on Tuesday. I planted strawberries and calendula. Calendula is like a marigold that can be planted in a pot rather than the ground. I have one pot holding the strawberries in my backyard and one in our pantry. I did the same with the calendula. I gave each plant two cups of water on the first day. I am giving the plants one cup of water daily when I get home from school.

I have succeeded in getting new information this week. I have also done well in planting my plants. I am going to keep watering my plants everyday for a while.  I am going to measure all of the plants’ height when they start to grow every other day.

This is what calendula looks like. Via Audrey

This is what calendula looks like. Via Audrey