Farewell Blogging Challenge

I would say that I did fairly well with my blog. I did ended up with seven (this being my eighth) posts. All of my posts were school based and from the challenge. I received 48 comments in all. My post about ice cream received the most comments. I believe this post received the most comments because it was a featured post on one of the blogging challenges. I enjoyed writing the most about sea turtles and nature because I got to do some research about them and write about them. I like writing and doing research. I did not change my blogs theme much, although I wished I would have. I did not change it much because I wanted to write more with my blog than work on my blog’s appearance. I did not have any widgets. I also do not have a blogroll. I believe that I used pictures and descriptive words to show creativity in my blog. I liked the blogging challenge.

I liked the blogging challenge. The most interesting challenge for me was the post where we visited other people’s blogs because I got to get ideas from other blogs and I also got to hear what other people are doing around the world. I did not read the challenge flipboard magazine at all. I learned through the challenge how to express myself more through my words in my writing in the challenge.

Well I guess that is it. Farewell blogging challenge!