Sea Turtles

As many people know in my pod, turtles are kind of my favorite animal. There are many different kinds of turtles, such as snapping turtles and sea turtles.

Sea turtles are able to survive in the ocean, although they require air to survive. Sea turtles live in almost every ocean. Certain kinds of turtles can live in temperature as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

They spend most of their lives in the sea, except for when mother sea turtle go to the beach to lay their eggs. Mother sea turtles lay eggs several times per season. After about sixty days the eggs turn into baby sea turtles. The mother sea turtle leaves the eggs after hatching them, so the newly born sea turtles struggle to survive and get into the ocean from the shore.

Sea turtles eat many different things. Their diet ranges from green sea grasses to jelly fish. They can even eat crabs. Their diet helps keep the oceans clean. Their diet also helps keep the ocean’s animal ratios in balance.

Sea turtles are probably my favorite kind of turtles. They are very pretty. Sea turtles are in trouble of becoming extinct. The extinction of sea turtles would have an effect on humans. Sea turtles eat jelly fish, and with the loss of sea turtles we could have a jelly fish overgrowth. The eggs that sea turtles lay in the sand also provide nutrients for the sand to take in. The nutrients the eggs leave behind allow some dune plants to grow. Sea turtles are also a source of income for people.

Sea turtles are very cool animals. I wish more people knew what is happening to them and their endangerment. I hope this gave you a better understand of the sea turtle species.


On Flickr via Rodger Braunstein

On Flickr via Rodger Braunstein




On Flickr via Chris Evans



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Week Six Challenge

The first blog I visited was Annie’s. She is 12 years old. She is from Australia. Her blog posts are very informative. Here is a link to her blog

Another blog I visited was Mackenzie’s. She is 14. She is from Canada. Her blogs are about some things that I agree with, such as this post.

The third blog that I went to was Albert’s. He is 17 years old and from the Philippines. Here is a link to his blog.

I next visited Adison’s blog. She is 13 years old and from America. She wrote a blog about Pennsylvania. This blog made me want to visit Pennsylvania.

After Adison’s blog, I went to Sally’s blog. She is 10. She is from China. I made a connection with Sally. We both have lost someone to leaving/moving.

I went to Kaylee’s blog after that. She is  I notice that we both read some of the same books and we both enjoy math.

I then went to Room 12’s blog. They left a comment on my last post and asked me to visit it, so I did. I liked that their blog included a survey.

For my eighth blog I went to Tinaja’s blog. She is from Serbia. She is in seventh grade. I learned that the food from Serbia is very different from America, but they also have some of the same foods as us.

I next visited Emma’s blog. She is from America, and she is 10 years old. I could relate to some of her blogs. They use Kahoot in their school, just as we do.

For my tenth blog, I went to Alicia’s blog. She is 11 years old. She is from America. We enjoy doing the same things, such as, playing volleyball and skate boarding.



Popular Foods in America- Ice Cream

In America we have a lot of junk food. Although this is not best for our health, we eat it anyways. From McDonalds to Wendy’s, the junk food keeps rolling in. Another type of junk food/sweet that Americans eat is ice cream. In fact, America holds the record of the second country in consuming ice cream, close to the amount of ice cream that number one New Zealand consumes.

Ice cream has become very popular in America. Ice cream dates back to the second century B.C. Ice cream was first found in America in 1744. A guest of the Maryland governor, William Bladen, wrote a letter about ice cream in 1744. The first advertisement about ice cream was in the New York Gazette. Ice cream was first considered a delicacy enjoyed by high society.


My grandparents own an ice cream shop/restaurant, called Nettie’s. I work there in the summer sometimes. They are open all year round. The summer it is very busy, but in the spring and fall business drops a little bit. Nettie’s has over 50 flavors of ice cream. People that come to Nettie’s sometimes have a hard time choosing a flavor.

Ice cream is almost anywhere in the world. From New Zealand to Sweden, ice cream is enjoyed by many people.



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