Genius Hour 4

I have learned that calendula grow better in darker places. I checked my plants on Sunday, and the calendula that were in the dark had little sprouts. I am surprised that these would grow first, since the package said they need sunlight. I have also learned that plants need less water as they develop more.

I have learned that I am consistent in my school work. I make sure I do everything that I say I am going to do, and I try to put out the best quality that I can. learned that my school work and time always comes first, no matter what.

I have succeeded in getting one plant to grow. I am happy that I got one plant to grow and I can’t wait to see what my other types of plants will grow and how healthy they are in the time coming. I have had some trouble getting the right amount of water to my outdoor plants, because it has been rainy these past few days. I want to get a rain gauge, so I can try to get an exact amount for how much water each plant is receiving on those days.

From here I want to keep watering and measuring my plants. I plan to do this by getting a rain gauge to check the amount of water my outdoor plants are getting. I am going to start measuring the height of my plants this week. I want to be able to tell how much they are growing to the nearest inch, so that is why I need to start to measure them soon.

Here is a website that talks about calendula can be used for many things.

This is what a rain gauge looks like. Via KaCey97078

This is what a rain gauge looks like. Via KaCey97078

Genius Hour 3

I have learned that plants need many things to grow. Nikki Phipps from this website says that plants need air, soil, water, nutrients, light, a temperature fitted to their needs, space, and time. I want to see if what she said is true when I test and start to see my plants grow. Plants need these things to grow healthy. If they have too much of these things, they might not grow at their best. Nikki also said that plants need nitrogen to have green leaves, phosphorus is needed to make plants healthy and have strong roots, and potassium to fight off disease in the plants.

I have learned that I like to have the best quality in my learning and activities that I do. I planted my two plants on Tuesday. I planted strawberries and calendula. Calendula is like a marigold that can be planted in a pot rather than the ground. I have one pot holding the strawberries in my backyard and one in our pantry. I did the same with the calendula. I gave each plant two cups of water on the first day. I am giving the plants one cup of water daily when I get home from school.

I have succeeded in getting new information this week. I have also done well in planting my plants. I am going to keep watering my plants everyday for a while.  I am going to measure all of the plants’ height when they start to grow every other day.

This is what calendula looks like. Via Audrey

This is what calendula looks like. Via Audrey

Genius Hour

I have learned a little bit about my topic in the last week or so. I have learned that plants need many things to grow, such as clean soil, water, and usually sunlight. I have also gotten the chance to research plants that grow better in the dark. I am not planting these types of plants, so I can actually learn better by my own experience. This is a link to how I want to have my project set up.

I have learned that I am fairly good at research, but I am slow. I need to work on becoming faster at sorting through pages to find the best information for my project that will help me. I have learned that I can remember the information pretty fast.

I have had some trouble getting parts of my website set up. My website looks pretty sloppy right now, but I will post a link to it later when it looks cleaner and is set up how I want it.

I want to be able to start planting my plants soon. I can see myself having them planted by the end of this week. I want to have them planted soon, because I want to be able to see my results before the school year is over. Within the next few weeks, I want to be able to see the progress and differences between the types of plants.

via Nao Iizuka

via Nao Iizuka

Iowa Lakes Community College

via Denise Krebs

via Denise Krebs

I went to Iowa Lakes Community College last Thursday. I really liked going there, because I got to see all of the different opportunities they have there. I got to see their early childhood education department. That was really cool to see, because I want to be a kindergarten teacher when I’m older.

I could see myself maybe going to school there. They have a good education department, so that is a plus. The college is near Okoboji, so I could see my family a lot since they are there a lot.

I was surprised by how many different departments they have there. We got to see the education, mechanics, restaurant management, and agriculture departments. The farm was also pretty cool. They had a lot of cows and pigs at the farm. We couldn’t see the pigs, because there is a risk of disease for the pigs if too many people are in and out of their area all of the time.

My friend Mckayla and I had a good time there. It was pretty funny. We were laughing almost the whole time, because she tripped and I saved her. I caught her with my arm, which she clawed when I caught her. It was really funny. We could not stop laughing the whole rest of the trip and the bus ride back.


Genius Hour

My Genius Hour project is to see how well plants grow in sunlight versus dark areas. I decided to work on this, because it is interesting to me and it will help me learn more about plants. I like science, so this will also allow me to do more work with science. My goals for this project are to see how plants grow better in certain places (sunlight or dark.) I also want to know why plants grow better in certain places. I want to see if different amounts of water affect the growth of both plants. I want to know if different types of plants grow better in sunlight or dark. I want to learn these things, because it will help myself and others learn more about how things grow and why. I also want to learn these things, because I like to do experiments and these types of things. I will know that I have reached my goals when I have learned more about how plants grow. I will also know that I have reached my goals when I am able to explain my research and experiment in general. I will be able to show the difference between the plants at the end of Genius Hour.


What I Hope to do This Summer

There are many things I hope to do this summer. I want to babysit my cousins a lot. I also hope to work at the new Nettie’s with my family and friends. I hope to be able to go up to Okoboji with my family a lot, too. I also hope to be able to do many things with cheer this summer. I hope to be able to hang out with my friends a lot.

I hope to babysit my cousins as much as possible. They are crazy, but they are funny and fun to be with.

I hope that since my parents are taking over Nettie’s we can still go up to Okoboji. I hope that some of my family, friends, and I can all go to Arnold’s Park together this summer. I want go tubing and swimming in Okoboji. I also hope that all of my family can go there and enjoy it together. 

I hope to be able to do community service for cheer as much as possible. I hope that I can do many things with cheer throughout the summer, like community service and cheer camp.

I hope to hang out with my friends a lot this summer. I like that we created crazy memories together last summer, and I hope to create many more this summer. I want to go to Adventure Land with them, too.




via Mary Fairchild

via Mary Fairchild

Farewell Blogging Challenge

I would say that I did fairly well with my blog. I did ended up with seven (this being my eighth) posts. All of my posts were school based and from the challenge. I received 48 comments in all. My post about ice cream received the most comments. I believe this post received the most comments because it was a featured post on one of the blogging challenges. I enjoyed writing the most about sea turtles and nature because I got to do some research about them and write about them. I like writing and doing research. I did not change my blogs theme much, although I wished I would have. I did not change it much because I wanted to write more with my blog than work on my blog’s appearance. I did not have any widgets. I also do not have a blogroll. I believe that I used pictures and descriptive words to show creativity in my blog. I liked the blogging challenge.

I liked the blogging challenge. The most interesting challenge for me was the post where we visited other people’s blogs because I got to get ideas from other blogs and I also got to hear what other people are doing around the world. I did not read the challenge flipboard magazine at all. I learned through the challenge how to express myself more through my words in my writing in the challenge.

Well I guess that is it. Farewell blogging challenge!

Sea Turtles

As many people know in my pod, turtles are kind of my favorite animal. There are many different kinds of turtles, such as snapping turtles and sea turtles.

Sea turtles are able to survive in the ocean, although they require air to survive. Sea turtles live in almost every ocean. Certain kinds of turtles can live in temperature as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit and below.

They spend most of their lives in the sea, except for when mother sea turtle go to the beach to lay their eggs. Mother sea turtles lay eggs several times per season. After about sixty days the eggs turn into baby sea turtles. The mother sea turtle leaves the eggs after hatching them, so the newly born sea turtles struggle to survive and get into the ocean from the shore.

Sea turtles eat many different things. Their diet ranges from green sea grasses to jelly fish. They can even eat crabs. Their diet helps keep the oceans clean. Their diet also helps keep the ocean’s animal ratios in balance.

Sea turtles are probably my favorite kind of turtles. They are very pretty. Sea turtles are in trouble of becoming extinct. The extinction of sea turtles would have an effect on humans. Sea turtles eat jelly fish, and with the loss of sea turtles we could have a jelly fish overgrowth. The eggs that sea turtles lay in the sand also provide nutrients for the sand to take in. The nutrients the eggs leave behind allow some dune plants to grow. Sea turtles are also a source of income for people.

Sea turtles are very cool animals. I wish more people knew what is happening to them and their endangerment. I hope this gave you a better understand of the sea turtle species.


On Flickr via Rodger Braunstein

On Flickr via Rodger Braunstein




On Flickr via Chris Evans



Here are some of the links that I used to help me get more information:

Sea turtle conversation

Sea turtle facts

Week Six Challenge

The first blog I visited was Annie’s. She is 12 years old. She is from Australia. Her blog posts are very informative. Here is a link to her blog

Another blog I visited was Mackenzie’s. She is 14. She is from Canada. Her blogs are about some things that I agree with, such as this post.

The third blog that I went to was Albert’s. He is 17 years old and from the Philippines. Here is a link to his blog.

I next visited Adison’s blog. She is 13 years old and from America. She wrote a blog about Pennsylvania. This blog made me want to visit Pennsylvania.

After Adison’s blog, I went to Sally’s blog. She is 10. She is from China. I made a connection with Sally. We both have lost someone to leaving/moving.

I went to Kaylee’s blog after that. She is  I notice that we both read some of the same books and we both enjoy math.

I then went to Room 12’s blog. They left a comment on my last post and asked me to visit it, so I did. I liked that their blog included a survey.

For my eighth blog I went to Tinaja’s blog. She is from Serbia. She is in seventh grade. I learned that the food from Serbia is very different from America, but they also have some of the same foods as us.

I next visited Emma’s blog. She is from America, and she is 10 years old. I could relate to some of her blogs. They use Kahoot in their school, just as we do.

For my tenth blog, I went to Alicia’s blog. She is 11 years old. She is from America. We enjoy doing the same things, such as, playing volleyball and skate boarding.



Popular Foods in America- Ice Cream

In America we have a lot of junk food. Although this is not best for our health, we eat it anyways. From McDonalds to Wendy’s, the junk food keeps rolling in. Another type of junk food/sweet that Americans eat is ice cream. In fact, America holds the record of the second country in consuming ice cream, close to the amount of ice cream that number one New Zealand consumes.

Ice cream has become very popular in America. Ice cream dates back to the second century B.C. Ice cream was first found in America in 1744. A guest of the Maryland governor, William Bladen, wrote a letter about ice cream in 1744. The first advertisement about ice cream was in the New York Gazette. Ice cream was first considered a delicacy enjoyed by high society.


My grandparents own an ice cream shop/restaurant, called Nettie’s. I work there in the summer sometimes. They are open all year round. The summer it is very busy, but in the spring and fall business drops a little bit. Nettie’s has over 50 flavors of ice cream. People that come to Nettie’s sometimes have a hard time choosing a flavor.

Ice cream is almost anywhere in the world. From New Zealand to Sweden, ice cream is enjoyed by many people.



via m01229